The Department of Hussayni Rituals and Processions in Iraq and the Islamic World of the Holy Shrines of Imam al-Hussayn and al-Abbas (peace be upon both of them), announced the participation of more than (2,982) service processions in the Ziyarat Arba’een from Wasit Governorate, including 355 processions that will participate in providing services in the Karbala governorate.

This is according to what was reported to the al-Kafeel network, by the head of the department, Haj Riad Nehme al-Salman, who added: “These processions have rushed to provide services since the first arrival of the first visitors to this governorate, which is one of the stops that visitors to the southern governorates pass through, and their processions have spread on all the roads used by the visitor. Starting from its administrative borders with the governorate of Maysan, passing through the governorate of Diwanyah and finally in the governorate of Babylon. And all these processions are registered in the department’s database and the representations of the processions in the governorate, in addition to dozens of unregistered processions, houses and hussainiyas that opened their doors to receive visitors and provide services to them “.

Al-Salman indicated that: “There are (355) processions that have come to Karbala Governorate and have taken the routes that the visitors of the two holy shrines take as a starting point to provide these services, whether in the Hussainiyas that belong to them or through the erection of a marquee in special places to provide services.”

Those in charge of these processions, during the period of the visitors’ passage, continued their work tirelessly day and night, in order to provide the best and highest quality services, harnessing all their material and human capabilities for the sake of this service, hoping the divine reward for the Hussayni service. Noting that these processions had a joint work with the rest of the departments in the province, including security, service, and health, within a joint operations room that oversees this Ziyarat and the course of its visitors.

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