With respect to the problems people are facing and with regard to the continuous emphasis of Leader Ayatollah Khamenei over resorting to Infallible Imams (AS), ‘In Blessed Mercy of Imam Reza’ has been introduced as Astan Quds Razavi’s main motto for the last ten days of Safar, says Mostafa Khaksar Qahroudi, the deputy custodian.

Qahroudi who was addressing a group of officials and the press at AQR’s Islamic Research Foundation, said: “Some pilgrimage restrictions are now seen in Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine due to coronavirus outbreak in the country; however, it has tried to hold best possible religious programs in the complex through full observance of health protocols”.
Khaksar Qahroudi underscored strong spiritual connections with Ahl al-Bayt, saying: “The outbreak of the pandemic has also had a positive shock for us, i.e. if man feels alone in life’s shocking events, he has to resort to his main shelter and spiritual connection with his Creator so that problems Could not deviate him from the path of servitude. That’s why people’s interest in and devotion toward Imams (AS) have not diminished despite tough situation emerging from coronavirus outbreak”.
Khaksar Qahroudi emphasized: “AQR has carried out many activities since the beginning of the coronavirus restrictions; it has also programmed many different activities for the upcoming occasions of the last ten days of Safar which will be held by full observance of health protocols”.
Also, Seyyed Vahid Mousavian, deputy director of Karamat Razavi Foundation announced 11 special programs of the foundation on the occasion of the last ten days of Safar. “These programs are held by seven centers affiliated to the foundation which are in charge of social services”.
Mousavian further noted: “The foundation will also hold large congregation of lovers of Imam Reza (AS) on the night of Imam Reza’s (AS) martyrdom anniversary in 31 cities across the country”.

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