Regarding coronavirus red alert across the country and concurrent with the holy month of Ramadan, Astan Quds Razavi has planned producing and broadcasting live programs and imposing a wide range of measures for social distancing for pilgrims of Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine, says Mohammad Reza Mousavikia the official in charge of audiovisual media of AQR.

Mousavikia said: “With regard to corona-related travel restrictions, many lovers of Imam Reza (AS) will not be able to travel to Mashhad like previous years. Therefore, AQR has prepared various programs in cooperation with 28 domestic and international channels for the lovers and devotees of Imam Reza (AS) to enjoy them while at home”.
Mousavikia further noted that media center of AQR has planned to put on air these programs 57 hours per day during Ramadan.
He added: “The whole live programs of the holy shrine in Ramadan will be around 99 thousand minutes, of which 23 thousand minutes are dawn-time programs and nine thousand minutes are Iftar-time (fast-breaking) programs. Overall, there will be 14 thousand minutes of Quran recitation programs, seven thousand minutes of prayer book recitation, around 12 thousand minutes of special programs for Ramadan nights, 1,900 minutes of Quran recitation for teenagers, and over 17 thousand minutes of live broadcast from the holy shrine to be aired by different national and international channels”.
Mousavikia informed that the programs will be produced in Persian, Arabic, English, Urdu, and Azeri languages, “while different national and international channels will cover recorded and live programs 24/7.”
According to him, congregational prayers for the pilgrims referring in person to the holy shrine during Ramadan will be held briefly but through full observance of health protocols such as social distancing in open spaces of the complex only.

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