Since the day Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei ordered implementation of Mowasat plan, Astan Quds Razavi has supplied and distributed around 30 thousand aid packages to support the needy people struck by the coronavirus pandemic across the country, says Mohammad Hossein Ostad Agha director of AQR’s Karamat Razavi Foundation.

Ostad Agha added: “AQR has implemented the nationwide plan in three phases enjoying services of its servant-hood network in all provinces of the country”.
Director of AQR’s Karamat Razavi Foundation went on to say: “The first phase of charity plan dubbed “Tablecloth of Kindness” was conducted in three flood-hit provinces of Sistan and Baluchistan, Khuzestan, and Kerman and the “Tablecloth of Kindness 2” came into effect concurrent with the holy month of Ramadan in all 31 provinces of the country”.
Referring to the national campaign of “It was on Imam (AS)”, he emphasized: “In this project, Razavi servants visit the grocery stores in deprived areas around villages and cities and pay the debt of those poor people who cannot afford their debt. This project was started in Mashhad and it is now being carried out in other provinces”.
The official also pointed to this year’s Arbaeen ceremony, saying: “All 16 Mukibs which were rendering services to pilgrims of Arbaeen last year are now offering different services to people in 40 deprived areas in the suburbs of Mashhad. Razavi servants also went to Mehran and distributed warm meals among the public”.
Ostad Agha further noted that “Tablecloth of Kindness 3” is now being conducted in these poor neighborhoods. Razavi servants have distributed 30 thousand aid packages among poor families of the country. Also, over 200 thousand warm meals have been given to poor families in deprived areas of Mashhad”.
He concluded his remarks by referring to the priorities of his respected foundation. “Karamat Razavi Foundation is a social organization which has kicked off its job in fighting coronavirus since last March. The foundation has been successful in distributing 190 thousand meals among staff and personnel of the country’s medical centers. “In line with the same strategy, 80 thousand charity packages have been distributed among the medical staff and over 700 thousand food packages have been offered to needy people all over the country. Also, education items are being packed for distribution among needy students.

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