Astan Quds Razavi has not hesitated in employing all its capacities to assist country’s officials in solving the problems people are challenging with, said Hoj. Ahmad Marvi, AQR chief custodian, in a meeting with a group of Iranian members of parliament in Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine.

Expressing his condolences over Imam Hussein’s (AS) Arbaeen, Hoj. Marvi quoted a tradition attributed to Imam Hussein (AS) that says “Imam Hussein (AS) says: People’s needs and wishes to you are among God’s blessings; therefore, do not be tired of this blessing. If you become tired of such blessing, God will take it and give it to another person”.
Marvi also pointed to the importance of helping the needy in Islam and stated: “People’s expressing of need is a blessing for a person from an Islamic point of view and when someone has the ability to serve people, it is a divine blessing. From a materialistic point of view, it is considered a difficulty and a bothering, however”.
Addressing members of the parliament, he said: “Do not stop provincial trips in order to turn it into a culture among country’s officials. Provincial trips of the key officials to the deprived areas of the country will make them familiar with the problems of the needy people”.
Elsewhere in his remarks, AQR chief custodian referred to various problems with which students of poor regions are facing in terms of using smart devices for their schools during coronavirus outbreak and wanted MPs to do something for students who cannot afford buying computer and internet connections for their schooling during the pandemic.
Marvi asked the parliamentarians to remove obstacles to elimination of poverty and to encourage investors to invest in poor areas”.
AQR chief custodian introduced existing problems in marginal neighborhoods of Mashhad as a main concern of Ayatollah Khamenei, saying: “AQR has recognized the issue and solving it as its duty. The organization has had a very good cooperation with Municipality of Mashhad in conducting 12 great urban projects with the aim of removing problems in marginal neighborhoods”.
Referring to AQR’s offering of 28 hectares of land to the urban management, Marvi reiterated that his organization will cooperate with all officials to solve public problems as much as its facilities allow”.
Noting to AQR services during the pandemic, Marvi said: “AQR spent 100 billion Tomans to render services to the poor people during coronavirus outbreak. The organization also encouraged staff of hospitals dealing with corona patients by granting them with some blessed packs as the holy shrine’s Imam Khomeini (RA) portico became a center for packing food packages for the poor”.
The chief custodian of AQR finally urged members of parliament to pass bills supporting culture of donation and endowment”.

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