Astan Quds Razavi’s Islamic Research Foundation has published the second volume of Encyclopedia of Astan Quds Razavi.

The encyclopedia is the only scientific source covering AQR’s activities based on latest research methods. It is the result of 10 years of research and study by more than 150 researchers.
Focusing on areas of people, nicknames, topics and occupations, places, correspondences, museums’ exquisites, and organization, the work introduces the holy shrine organization with 400 articles or entries each of which covering one aspect of the holy shrine and the whole organization.
Enjoying various scientific methods and documents including observation and interview, the entries provide the readers with a full background of each topic.
Also, this encyclopedia addresses various issues including administrative organization of AQR, holy shrine and its affiliations, artistic aspects of the complex, holy shrine’s methods of decorum, related schools and universities, libraries, documents centers, donations and endowments of the organization, medical, cultural, and economic centers, and renowned scholars buried in the complex.

40th volume of Ddictionary of Jurisprudence

Elaborating Quranic terms, the Dictionary of Jurisprudence of the Language and Secret of Eloquence of Quran is another reference work the 40th volume of which has been published by the AQR’s Islamic Research Foundation recently.
The book covers the Quran and Quranic teachings the entries of which have been arranged according to the main roots of the words of the Quran. Each entry is examined from different aspects of the Quranic sciences. So, each entry is first examined in terms of lexical structure and etymological background, and then viewpoints of scholars are offered on each term.
It has been compiled in four sections in a way that any Quranic researcher obtains lexical, interpretive and literary information with no need to refer to other sources. In the next stage, the researcher can acquire the exact meaning of the word and take advantage of Quranic contemplation through authors’ analyses.

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