Astan Quds Razavi’s Behnashr Publications has published a poetry book titled “We Are Proud of You” to help Iranian teenagers get familiar with Lt. General Soleimani’s character and braveries.

The printing house has become pioneer of employing art and language of poetry to introduce national heroes. It has tried to clarify personality, lifestyle and words of Martyr Soleimani for children and teenagers.  
Elaborating on the unique features of the work, Behnashr production deputy Seyyed Ahmad Mirzadeh said: “In their period of identity formation and mental growth, children and teenagers are interested in finding heroes and models for themselves. During this period, a person is looking for a model that he likes. He/she tries to suit his identity and personality with the identity of that model at the same time”.
Regarding necessity of making model for teenagers, Mirzadeh commented that two important aspects have to be paid attention to. “At first, choosing the model has to be done correctly. The second is the quality of offering the model to people. If we cannot properly introduce national and religious models to teenagers, they will turn to fictional characters and heroes in foreign animations”
Mirzadeh went on to say: “The life of Martyr Soleimani has the capability of becoming a role model and hero for children and adolescents. Behnashr’s “We Are Proud of You”, in 42 pages, has tried to address those aspects of life of this defender of Iran that have received less attention. Lt. General Haj Qassem Soleimani’s relationship with children and his special attention to the future makers of the country is one important aspect of this great personality”.
According to Mirzadeh, the book includes poems about Martyr Soleimani’s words and acts for teenagers which has been compiled by Hamed Mohaghegh and Babak Niktalab.
 “The work has been adorned by special drawings of Vahid Khatami and graphics of Saeed Dinpanah”.

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