The Endoscopy Center at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital has the latest medical technologies, including (E.U.S) sonaroscopy technology, which evaluates tumors in the pancreas, stomach, esophagus, duodenum and bile ducts.
Gastroenterologist and hepatologist at the hospital, Dr. Hadi Al-Khattabi, said: ÔÇťAmong the endoscopic techniques available in the hospital is the (EUS) technology, or what is known as the sonaroscope, which is an endoscope that contains a sonar device, which is very important in evaluating tumor cases in the pancreas, stomach, esophagus, duodenum, and bile ducts. ”
Al-Khattabi added, “This technique works to diagnose undiagnosed bile duct enlargement, and some liver tumors and metastatic tumors, by which the degree of disease spread is first known and samples are taken for histological examination.”

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