Thanks to the News and Modern Media Management Office of Astan Quds Razavi, the admirers and lovers of Imam Reza (AS) can follow the atmosphere of the holy shrine in cyberspace.

To maintain the pilgrims’ connection with the holy shrine during restrictions caused by the pandemic, the office has prepared special programs in cyberspace.
The activities to spread the teachings of the Infallible Imams (AS) include working in various media outlets such as Rubika, Instagram, Soroush, Yes, Eta, Gap, iGap, Aparat, Heyat Online, etc. to convey the atmosphere of the holy shrine to the houses of the lovers of Imam Reza (AS).
Live and direct communication from the holy shrine with the hospitals of coronavirus patients, communication through cyberspace with international pages in English, broadcasting prayers for Arabic speakers and holding a contest as well as the special program of virtual Tekyeh (place of mourning for Muharram) in Persian are some of these programs.
Furthermore, communication with Khorasan Razavi’s Blood Donation Center and Kahrizak Nursing Home, as well as communication with activists in nine different jobs in different provinces on 9/9/1399 AH have been among the most important activities of the office this week.
Live broadcast of Tawassol Prayer from the holy shrine on English-language pages, holding Panjareh Foolad contest (themed after the Steel Window of Imam Reza’s tomb), and performing Aminullah Prayer were some of the programs held yesterday.
Since the outbreak of coronavirus, a special program on Channel 3, titled Aminullah, has been posted on popular messenger apps every night.

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