In a specialized webinar on Beauties of Arbaeen from the Perspective of Religions organized by Astan Quds Razavi’s Scientific and Cultural Organization, Islamic Research Foundation and the World Federation of KSIMC, the spiritual leader of the Brahman Hindu community stated that the love and devotion of Imam Hussein (AS) cannot be limited to the borders and religions.

“Nothing in this world is permanent, yet what has not changed in this world so far is the love and devotion to Imam Hussein because he is a truth and the truth is unchangeable. With the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, the path of truth was illuminated so that the light of truth will never be extinguished,” Sheri Acharia Pramud Krishnam said.
He pointed out that the knowledge of Imam Hussein (AS) is irrespective of language, race and religion and he is in the heart of the whole world, adding, “I am a Hindu; I am not affiliated with Iran and other Muslim countries, but I am interested in Imam Hussein. He is the source of love, knowledge and virtue.”
“Helping and serving the oppressed, and love and faith are parts of religion equally emphasized in all religions. Imam Hussein fought to revive his religion and, in this way, he was victorious because he became immortal,” he commented.
Christopher Klohesi, the Catholic Bishop of South Africa, and the author of several books on Hazrat Fatima (SA), also in this webinar stressed that “if you want peace, you should try to establish justice and religious people are always trying to achieve this justice.”
“Imam Hussein and Hazrat Zainab are excellent models in establishing peace and justice; because with divine help they participated in a great battle and fought for justice and peace. The words and sermons of Hazrat Zainab in Kufa, as well as in the court of Yazid, expressed her knowledge and the scene of Karbala is full of different lessons for humanity,” he said.
Hazrat Zainab’s famous sentence of I see nothing but beauty is one of the most beautiful and strongest insights and one of the best words about the Ashura incident, and in fact the most significant words in the Ashura incident are summarized in this sentence.
The Bishop further referred to the speech of Hazrat Zainab among the people of Kufa and stated, “In her first speech, she began with the praise of God and then rebuked the people who martyred the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and provided the ground for the captivity of the household of Imam Hussein.”
“In the assembly on the occasion of the victory in the Battle of Karbala Ibn Ziad gathered the captives there and addressed Hazrat Zainab that ‘Thanks God that He disgraced you and what you said turned out to be false’ but the great lady replied, ‘Thanks God He made us from the family of the Prophet, who is free from evils,’” he remarked.
Hazrat Zainab with these words, as the representative of all Infallible Imams, gave a scathing response to Ibn Ziad and his companions and dealt a fatal blow to them.

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