In the last 15 days of the month of Safar, the daily capacity and the number of lotteries under Naeem Rezvan project have increased, and in total, these days, more than 230,000 meals will be distributed among pilgrims.

Announcing the above, Hussein Rastnejad, the head of Naeem Rezvan project of Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine pointed to the changes in the service process after the outbreak of the coronavirus adding, “For the well-being of pilgrims, the service tables of Naeem Rezvan establishment have increased from 30 to 60, and in full compliance with health instructions, especially maintaining social distancing with the help of male and female servants in the fastest way possible.”
“Since the beginning of this year, foreign citizens – like Iranians – have been able to register and receive charity food by presenting their Amayesh card, issued by the citizen system of the IRI Ministry of Interior,” he said.
“Smartphone owners may participate in the lottery by installing the Rezvan application and proceeding with the registration. This lottery is performed every 10 minutes by the system itself. Later, after receiving a text message entitled Invitation, they have to enter their national code and date of birth, and the names of a maximum of 4 companions, setting the date and the desired meal,” he noted.
Pilgrims must bring their documents to the establishment to verify their identity, and they will get food tokens for a maximum of 5 people. In addition, every pilgrim with the national code, once every 3 years, has the opportunity to register in the lottery of this program and enjoy the charity food.
Rastnejad also explained how to register through non-smart mobile phones which includes sending the number 3 (in Latin) to 8800 and after receiving a text they have to register to receive the meal.  “After receiving the text message, these pilgrims can visit Naeem Rezvan establishment, located in Qadir courtyard of the holy shrine or room 15 of the tomb of Sheikh Mohammad Aref (Pir Palandooz), from 8:00 to 20:00 daily, and providing valid ID (non-Iranian pilgrims by presenting a valid passport or Amayesh card), book lunch or dinner, the relevant day and date and receive an invitation.”

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