The maintenance department of the Holy Hussaini shrine revealed how the soils were made, the nature of work, and the modern machines that are used in the manufacture of soil and the clay rosary inside the Holy Shrine.

The director of the Soil Industry Laboratory of the Maintenance Department at the Holy Hussaini Shrine, Maan Lafta, said in an interview with the official website, that “the factory includes modern equipment and machinery in the manufacture of soil and the clay rosary, and that this soil and rosary is manufactured without any addition to the materials invalidating the prayer.”

He explained that “the plant is primarily dedicated to producing soil and rosary for the shrines of Imam Hussein and his brother Al-Abbas (peace be upon them) and the rest of the other shrines, as well as the manufacture of soils dedicated to blessing and healing, and other gifts given by the administration of the holy Hussaini shrine to visitors.”

He added that “the soil that is used in the manufacture of soil and rosaries is extracted from the Holy Husseini courtyard and the walls surrounding the shrine, and work is done in several stages.”

He added that “the plant produces more than (2000) soil per day, in addition to making a special rosary from the soil of the Holy Husseini courtyard,” noting that “the soil is made from soil that is extracted from inside the shrine of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) at a depth of (5 m)


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