The host restaurant department of the al-Abbas’s (p) Holy Shrine indicated that the number of meals distributed during the period of the Ziyarat Arba’een is more than (600) thousand meals distributing by following preventive and hygienic measures from the first days of the Ziyarat, through four external outlets designated for this purpose.
The head of the department, Engineer Adel Al-Hamami, stated to the al-Kafeel Network: “The most important characteristic of the food services provided by the host restaurant to the visitors is that it is the first to started the honor of this service, since the service processions in the first days of the Ziyarat are only getting ready for the Ziyarat service. And therefore the host restaurant starts to provide its services to visitors who arrive early and continue until the last visitor leaves Karbala, as our distribution of meals continued until Safar 21 at the rate of three meals a day divided into (breakfast, lunch and dinner), interspersed with intermediate meals such as fruits, juices, water and others, taking into account all preventive measures being taken In order to preserve the safety of the staffs and those with them from among the volunteers and the safety of the distinguished visitors. ”
He added: “The meals that were distributed took an upward trend, especially during the peak days of the Ziyarat. And the distribution of meals was smooth and with strict hygienic conditions, in line with the recommendations of the relevant authorities, whether from those working on preparing these meals, or through external distribution outlets that ensure the achievement of the principle of social distancing as much as possible, in addition to the use of single use food boxes prepared to be distributed to visitors.”
Al-Hamami asserted: “The host restaurant takes an organized approach in the process and mechanism of distribution by organizing queues, and dividing them into queues for men and others for women.”

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