Don’t feel sad about missing your opportunity to perform Umrah or Hajj this year. The exciting feature of Live Holy Places in the Muslim Zone App will take you directly there. You can watch live coverage of the Holiest places as the feature will guide you through Medina, Mecca, and from Iran to Iraq to take part in the religious activities and festivities, all in the tap of a button.Feel connected tothe holy places by live digital access through the Muslim zone app

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It is an immense blessing to be born a Muslim as Islam is a beautiful religion to practice. Following Islamic practices and teachings soothe the mind, body, and soul. Every devoted Muslim does his/her best to follow the five essential pillars of Islam and would want to visit the holy places and feel the blessings. 

 The Muslim Zone App allows you to watch live coverage of Holy places dear to all. The app to learn Islam is one of a kind Islamic application that helps connect Muslims globally, bridging all gaps in between.  

The App Makes It Possible For You To Watch Umrah And Hajj Being Performed Live

Mecca and Medina hold immense importance for Muslims on a universal level. The Holy Kaaba, the House of Worship, is one of the holiest places enabling Mecca to be the most sacred city for Muslims. The sole purpose of a practicing Muslim is to visit the Holy Kaaba at least once and perform Umrah. However, many are not able to fulfill this desire, and Muslim Zone App knows it and feels the pain. 

 If, for some reason, you are deprived of the wonderful opportunity, the Muslim Zone app will take you to the city of worship. Yes! You can experience Umrah being performed live and feel like you are part of the religious activity. 

 Similarly, people who want to be a part of Hajj being performed can see live updates of the worship while sitting at home. You can also get all the news related to Muslims using this Muslim prayer app

Shia Brothers And Sisters Can Watch Live Muharram Congregations

The beautiful religion Islam promotes peace and equality for all. Many Shia Muslims hold Iran and Iraq dear to their hearts. Iraq has immense religious and spiritual values for the Shia sect. Karbala is located there, making it the center of attention during the month of Muharram.  

 Many people travel to Karbala to take part in the religious congregations. If you are unable to make it, the Muslim app has you covered, and you will be able to watch all the Majalis and religious activities of the people. 

 Live coverage of the Mazar of Hazrat Ali R.A will be made accessible for all. For people who are staunch followers of Islamic scholars/saints, live updates of their tombs in Iran will be observable. 

The App Has Something For Everyone

The Muslim Zone App is spreading the wings of Islam by making its teachings accessible to all. The app’s main features allow the person to listen to the recitation of the Holy Quran while seeing the live coverage or do Tasbeeh with the digital Tasbeeh counter. You will find it very easy to recite the 99 names of Allah wherever you are. 

 Download Muslim Zone App onto your phone and be in touch with all the aspects of our beautiful Deen. 

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