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We all experience the days when you are on the bed at night, ready to sleep, and suddenly feel an urge to recite Holy Quran before sleeping.  However, the bright white screen blinds your eyes and not allows you to concentrate on words causing a headache. Muslim Zone App cares for your eyes and health and understands how big of a blessing it is for a Muslim to recite the holy book. 

Therefore, The Quran App has launched dark mode, especially for you for helping you to recite Holy Quran comfortable at night or in the dark. 

Now, no matters it is day or night, whenever you want to recite the Holy Quran or use the App for prayer timing, searching Qibla direction, or the restaurants nearby you, you can use it comfortably. By using the dark mode of the app for reading Quran, you will experience minimal to no strain on your eyes, improving the readability of the text and even save battery.  

Advantages Of Muslim Zone App Dark Mode

Dark mode has many advantages at nighttime or in a dark room. That is why the Muslim zone has launched this fantastic feature in their App as well. Some of the benefits of dark mode over day mode include: 

Protection For Eyes

Every one of us can relate that bright white screen at nighttime not only put too much stress on the eyes but also cause dryness. Using the dark mode screen (usually black or dark gray), you can reduce the stress and do your task without feeling dryness.

Promotes Better Sleep

Full day exposure to blue light suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone needed for sleep. That is why it is recommended to avoid using cells at least half-hour before bedtime. By using the night mode, hormone secretion is not affected, resulting in better sleep at night, and you also use the app for Tasbeeh or reciting the Holy Quran. 

Improves Readability

Dark mode enhances readability as colors pop up better on dark backgrounds. Moreover, the visual performance of some people with special conditions like cataract tends to be better with dark mode. On the other hand, long-term reading in light mode is associated with myopia.

Saves Battery

Dark mode can prolong the battery life of your smartphone. According to research, dark mode on OLED screens improves battery life. You can have an idea from this, at 100% brightness, the dark mode saves 60% of screen energy.

The dark mode is the latest trend that offers comfort for using the app at night time. Therefore, Muslim Zone App has launched it to make your app use convenient at night time.  You can easily and quickly shift between the modes depending time of the day or your surrounding light. All the application users can use this feature with the new update. 

Now, you can use the Muslim Zone App without stressing your eyes and compromising your smartphone’s battery life.  

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