World Muslims must ban French products, says Astan Quds Razavi’s chief custodian Hoj. Ahmad Marvi in a meeting with Sunni Friday prayer leaders on the occasion of the Unity Week at Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine.

Congratulating the worldwide occasion, Marvi said: “If world Muslims were united, French president would not dare to insult Islamic values”.
AQR chief custodian also introduced Prophet Mohammad’s (pbuh) teachings as necessary and required conditions for making Islamic Ummah free from hardships.
He also referred to a Quranic verse emphasizing the issue of unity and said: “God asks Muslims not to divide and refers to unity as a blessing for the Islamic world. Quranic verses of this kind suggest the importance of Muslims’ unity in Islamic and Quranic viewpoints”.
Pointing to Ummah as the core part and basis of Islamic social system, AQR chief custodian stated: “Unity and Ummah are pivotal segments in Islamic traditions and Quranic verses; most orders of Islam such as Friday prayer or Haj are based on communities of people”.
Marvi referred to holy pilgrimage of Haj during short and limited days of each year as a sign of glory and greatness of Muslims’ unity, adding: “Existence of plural verbs in holy verses on daily prayers shows Quran and Islam’s invitation to unity”.
He introduced creation of unity and alliance among tribes of the time as main achievements of the Prophet (pbuh) of Islam. “Following this strategy among those groups of people, Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) could make greatest human civilization”.

Western civilization owes Islam
Elsewhere in his remarks, Hoj. Marvi underscored undeniable effects of Islamic civilization on scientific growth and development of Western civilization and said: “It was Muslim inventors who first invented and used clock, while Europeans looked at this invention with astonishment”.
Referring to the endeavors of word arrogance particularly the US and Israel for creating division among Muslims, he stated: “The enemy one day creates the Baha’i sect among the Shiites and Wahhabism among the Sunnis; he creates ISIS the other day to kill Muslims”.
Hoj. Marvi also introduced the duty of scholars of Islamic Ummah in enlightening incompatibility of ISIS’s actions with true spirit of Islam as a very heavy responsibility.

Islamic Ummah can ban French products
Marvi considered paying attention to the basics and fundamental issues as well as not following minor problems of the Islamic Ummah as necessary factors in realization of Muslims unity and said: “Muslims do have power, money, oil and market; Europe’s economy depends on Islamic countries. If world Muslims were united, French president would not dare insulting Islamic symbols”.
He added: “If Muslims ban purchase of all French products or if Organization of Islamic Cooperation demands formal apology of French president and announces that buying of French products depends on this apology, French economy will collapse and French people will throw out such a stupid leader”.
Expressing his deep regret over close ties of some Arab leaders with the US and Israel, AQR chief custodian said huge investments of these Arab countries were the main reasons behind their silence.

West’s freedom, a big lie
Referring to Ayatollah Khamenei’s message to the French young people, Hoj. Marvi stated: “Why it is free to insult around two billion Muslims but asking about Holocaust is forbidden? Freedom is a big lie in the West. Freedom has been jailed by the Western officials. They must answer before justice some day in the future”.
He added: “The West imprisons freedom and promotes immorality, irresponsibility, and debauchery in the name of freedom. It propounds a fake freedom which includes lust, immorality, brutality, and neglecting of nobility and dignity of the man, particularly the woman”.
Concluding his remarks, Marvi expressed hope for realization of vigilance among Muslim people.
The ceremony also saw speeches of Ayatollah Khamenei’s representative in Sunni Muslims’ affairs and some Sunni Friday prayer leaders.

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