The works currently underway in the Taremah of the shrine of Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) are nearing completion, which includes strengthening its floor and cladding its wall in addition to the administrative rooms, and in the space extending from the wall of the Holy Sanctuary to the holy courtyard from the left side, after most of these works have been completed on its right side, with an area estimated at half of the total area of ​​the Taremah, which is 500 square meters.
The head of the engineering projects department at the al-Abbas’s (p) holy shrine, Eng. Dea’ Majeed Al-Sa’egh, said: “These works witnessed an escalating pace of 14 hours of continuous work, in order to complete its most important stages, which is the phase of treating and covering the floor prior to the Ziyarat of the mid of Sha’ban.”
He added: “The previous works were preparing it for cladding, as they included the removal of the remnants of the old cladding and cement layers down to a certain amount of soil, to be then treated with special materials that help to strengthen the wall of the Holy Sanctuary and its pillars and increase the cohesion of the floor by filling all its cavities and voids with these materials, then the staff of the operating company, the Ard al-Quds Construction Contracting Company, started the work of laying a layer of gravel and another of cement, after which the cladding was completed with (multi-onyx) alabaster, which is the same quality that was used in the cladding of the holy sanctuary and its Iwans.”
He explained, “The works also included the maintenance and rehabilitation of the Sanctuary’s service rooms, which are located on both sides of this part, where work has reached advanced stages.”

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