The General Secretariat of the Holy Hussaini Shrine held a unified consultative conference in the presence of religious and tribal personalities and their representatives in support of the peaceful coexistence called for by the supreme religious authority between different sects and religions.

“The conference aims to preserve national cohesion and peaceful coexistence between different sects and multiple religions in all governorates of Iraq, and to reject sectarianism,” said a member of the Board of Directors of the Holy Hussaini Shrine, Mr. Saad Eddin Al-Banna, in an interview with the official website.

“The participants of the conference from all sects agree that the fatwa issued by the supreme religious authority, Mr. Ali Al-Hussaini Al-Sistani, is what saved Iraq from falling into the hands of (ISIS) criminal gangs, because Mr. Sistani is all Iraqis of all sects and sects,” he explained.

“There is a very important program that will be discussed among the members of the delegation, to stand against the division of Iraq and thwart all the plans that the enemies of Iraq and the enemies of humanity seek to implement,” he added.

In addition, the official in the Communication and Religious Education Division at the Holy Hussaini Shrine, Sheikh Fahim Al-Brahimi, said in an interview with the official website, that “the Holy Hussaini shrine continues to strive to solve problems and find out differences through the establishment of consultative forums and field visits continue.”

He indicated that “this conference, which was hosted by the Holy Husseini shrine, included a workshop and discussion with all religions to solve some problems, especially the issue of minorities in the Nineveh Plain.”

For his part, Vice-President of the Council of Scholars of Rabat Muhammadi Sheikh Muhammad said, “The Iraqi clans have united participants and are intermarried with blood ties between them.”

He continued, “The country is connected with some of the good things in western Iraq are needed by the south, and vice versa,” calling for the need to unify positions in the face of the internal and external risks of this country.

For his part, the head of the Coptic Orthodox community, Father Mina Al-Urshlimi, said, “Accepting the other, rejecting violence and detestable sectarianism, and spreading a spirit of love and tolerance are among the priorities that we must adhere to.”

And that “our presence at the Forum of the Holy Hussaini Shrine is the beginning of holding a comprehensive national conference that includes all religions and sects in Iraq.”

The supreme religious authority had called on more than one occasion to achieve social and cultural coexistence between people of religions and sects, affirming that all that was brought forth by the heavenly laws is the call to peace and spreading the spirit of love.

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