The fruit of scientific and research activities of researchers should be palpable in the society and in the daily life of the people.

Hoj. Ahmad Marvi, the chief custodian of Astan Quds Razavi said the above in a meeting with a group of managers, professors and researchers of the AQR Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), carried out in the open air in accordance with health protocols due to the coronavirus pandemic.
“The luminous shrine of Imam Reza (AS) is the center of light and soul of the whole world and the afterlife; yet regardless of its holiness, I see the AQR establishment as a body, which must have a spirit to move and create works and that spirit is AQR Islamic Research Foundation,” he said.
He stressed that IRF should have words, ideas and programs for different AQR sections and an active and effective presence as well, because Islam is a school of thought that has a saying in all the individual, social, material and spiritual aspects of human life; thus, it is not just a personal religion confined to individual worship.
Referring to the narration If people know the beauties of our words, they will definitely follow us, he considered the great mission of the IRF to be the realization of this important matter.
“The great art of Shia scholars has been recognizing real issues. Our great scholars were always heedful of the problems of the people, and this should be noted in research activities that innovation in research depends on solving problems,” he commented.
He recounted employing science in the fields of humanities and knowledge, identifying top elites and researchers, educating national and international elite researchers, active participation in the library of AQR manuscripts and extracting Shia heritage from these books and publishing them suited for the present literature as other IRF duties.
“This foundation is attributed to the learned Imam of the Prophet’s household, and should be the representative of Razavi science and knowledge; This foundation should be different from other cultural centers of the country and a model for them. It should become a top symbol so that scholars of the Islamic world feel proud to work with it,” he stated.
Referring to the ancient seminary school, major universities, prominent scholars and educated professors in Khorasan region, he said it was possible to achieve these goals by IRF.
Elsewhere, Hoj. Marvi pointed to the civilization-building initiatives of the Prophet (pbuh) of Islam in the age of ignorance and demanded a similar strategy for the current era in which scientific and cultural activities need to be reflected in society.
At the beginning of the meeting, which lasted more than 3 hours, Hoj. Mahdavi Mehr, the head of Scientific and Cultural Organization and Hoj Marvian, the director of AQR Islamic Research Foundation, presented a report on scientific and research activities of their respective organizations and then a number of researchers from different IRF fields expressed their views and opinions.
Furthermore, the second volume of the encyclopedia of Astan Quds Razavi was unveiled in the presence of Hoj. Marvi.

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