The Communications and Information Technology Division of the Engineering Projects Department at the al-Abbas’s (p) Holy Shrine announced the approved technical mechanism through which the number of visitors who performed the Ziyarat Arba’een for this year, whose number was more than (14) million, were counted.

The division official, engineer Firas Abbas Hamza, stated that: “Many ask about how the electronic counting system through which the number of visitors was counted, works. Before each Ziyarat, high-resolution and advanced electronic cameras are installed at the entrances of the holy city of Karbala. There primary function is to count visitors according to a special technical work mechanism and under the supervision of a technical team specialized in this field, who has experience in dealing with this system and giving accurate statistics.

Engineer Firas explained: “There are approved types of cameras, each according to their function, as shown in the following:

The first type: its function is people counting, and it is directed to the pedestrian path that visitors take, and it is characterized by great accuracy through which the numbers are calculated and stored in the database on a voluntary basis, with a visual calculation for five minutes (for example) every several hours, to visually match the observed numbers with the numbers recorded by the camera, and if there is a deviation in the reading (it often occurs at night due to poor lighting and most visitors wear black), a correction factor is used in the database, so that the result is as close to reality. .

The second type: is designated to calculate the number of vehicles (vehicle counting) entering the city of Karbala, and it is directed to the lanes that the vehicles take, and although the accuracy of the number of vehicles recorded by the camera is good, the actual number of visitors per vehicle is estimated depending on its size, and therefore the accuracy is low relatively due to the different types of vehicles and their capacities and the people they carry, the ratio ranges between (4 for cars, up to 80 people for double-decker busses), and here also the types of incoming vehicles are monitored and the lowest number the vehicles carry are estimated and entered into the database. For example if there are a thousand vehicles, the proportion of the cars was 10%, 30% for minibuses with (11 passengers), 50% for buses (21 passengers), and 10% for large buses (40 passengers), so the approximate number of visitors was about (18,200) visitors, which represents the minimum because many of the vehicles are loaded with more than the standard numbers specified for them. ”

“The cameras are mobile because as was the case in previous years, sometimes some roads are closed and converted into walking paths for visitors, and in this case, appropriate cameras must be used for this purpose,” he added.

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