His Eminence, the Senior Officer of the al-Abbas’s Holy Shrine; Sayed Ahmad al-Safi, conducted a field tour of the Al-Kafeel House for Printing, Publishing and Distribution, to closely examine the latest production lines that the House had developed in order to enhance its production line, and to accommodate larger quantities in printing, which would revive the phrase (printed in Iraq).
About this visit, the director of the house, Eng. Firas Al-Ibrahimi, explained to the Al-Kafeel Global Network, saying: “We were honored to receive His Eminence, the Senior Officer of the al-Abbas’s (p) Holy Shrine; Sayed Ahmad Al-Safi, who visited the House to be informed of the latest production lines that would double its production capacity.”
He added, “New production lines were recently introduced, which included the addition of two web machines with a production capacity of 30,000 sheets per machine per hour, as well as the development of other production lines; a German Font line and a Swiss Font line.”
Mr. Ibrahimi affirmed: “We aim to support the efforts of the Ministry of Education, as well as other institutions, in order to print more quantities and to preserve and recycle funds within the country, as well as reduce unemployment and provide job opportunities, and the most important thing is to revive the phrase (printed in Iraq) and support the authorship and culture movement in the society”.
He concluded, “We are continuing with our strategic plan, through which we seek to reach Al-Kafeel Printing City in 2030.”

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