The staffs of the Maintenance and Engineering Construction Department at the al-Abbas’s (p) Holy Shrine began the fourth phase of their campaign to rehabilitate and develop parts of the Karbala Teaching Hospital for Children, after completing three phases that preceded it, which included the completion of three bathrooms’ units with all their requirements, each unit’s area of ​​18 square meters is comprising six bathrooms, in addition to handwashing sinks, have been maintained and developed in a new way that differs from its previous era. And these works are part of a humanitarian initiative from the Holy Shrine, to support the health reality and its facilities in the governorate under this circumstance.
On this stage, which came as a complement to what preceded it, the head of the construction works division in the aforementioned department, in charge of carrying out these works, Engineer Muhammad Mustafa Al-Tawil stated to the al-Kafeel Network, saying: “This stage includes re-cladding the corridors in the hospital after removing the old cladding for an area estimated at 130 square meters because these corridors suffer from cracks, in addition to deformation of their general appearance. ”
He added: “Our work in the beginning was by conducting a site inspection of what would be accomplished, then we started the work of removing the old cladding pieces, leveling the floor and treating it with special materials, then conduct the cladding work that will be done using new materials in line with the urban fabric of the hospital. And the works in the first section – Building Consultations – began to move after it to the second section, which is the entrance to the main hospital and its reception hall. “

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