The holy shrines, of Imam al-Hussayn and al-Abbas (peace be upon both of them), offered their sincere condolences to the families of the victims of the tragedy of the Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital fire in the capital, Baghdad, in which a number of patients died.

A delegation representing the two holy shrines went this morning (13th of the holy month of Ramadhan 1442 AH) corresponding to (April 26, 2021) to meet their families and offer condolences to them. The delegation included a number of officials and employees of the two holy shrines, who conveyed the condolences of the supreme religious authority, the two senior officials, and the servants of the two holy shrines to the families of the victims.
The representative of the al-Abbas’s (p) Holy Shrine within this delegation, Associate Head of the Religious Affairs Department, Sheikh Adel al-Wakeel, said: “According to the directives of the two holy shrines, we came today to attend the funeral councils of the victims of the unfortunate accident in Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital, and we offered our sincere condolences to their families as an expression of our solidarity with them in this dire ordeal. We ask God, the Most High, the Almighty, by the sacredness of this blessed month, to bestow His vast mercy on the victims, and to inspire their families patience and solace.

Al-Wakeel explained: “Our tour will be devoted on its first day to the mourning councils, to include all the families of the victims, as we started this morning and are still continuing until this moment, and we will resume our tour tomorrow to visit the wounded due to this accident.”

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