Among the important matters that it is desirable for the fasting person to interact with are those devotional and spiritual contents that were mentioned in the supplication of Imam as-Sajjad (peace be upon him) in the farewell of the month of Ramadhan, where he says (peace be upon him):

Peace be upon you, O greatest month of God! O festival of His friends! Peace be upon you, O most noble of accompanying times! O best of months in days and hours! Peace be upon you – you are not bid farewell in annoyance nor is your fasting left in weariness! Peace be upon you, object of seeking before your time, object of sorrow before your passing!…

Peace be upon you – How much we craved you yesterday! How intensely we shall yearn for you tomorrow! Peace be upon you and upon your bounty which has now been made unlawful to us and upon your blessings gone by which have now been stripped away from us!”

Among the hardest and the most difficult moments in life are the moments of farewell, and it is even spiritually deeper when it comes to the farewell of the blessed month of God, the month of forgiveness and mercy, the month in which we were guests of the Lord of the Worlds, the Most Generous, the month where the hours are the best of hours, the days are the best of days and the nights are the best of nights, including a night that is better than thousand months … But its days and nights have passed quickly … So, better to bid farewell to this holy month with sincere supplication for forgiveness and acceptance of good deeds:

O Allah the month of Ramadhan, in which You revealed the Holy Quran, now is at its end. I take refuge with Your kindest disposition, O Lord, lest the dawn of this night breaks forth, or the month of Ramadhan comes to an end, and I stand as an accused sinner, liable to be punished, on the Day I am presented before You…”

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